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Welcome to my blog at itsallaboutlaw.com

I created this blog to talk about all things law.  There’s a lot of confusion out thereitsallaboutlaw1 when it comes to the law.  Everyone has their own opinion, so it’s hard to tell fact from fiction.  That’s what inspired this blog, to bring some clarity to the arena of law.

I’ve been fascinated with law since I was very young.  Most of my family were lawyers, so it’s a lot of what I knew growing up at a very young age.  Law was always a topic of discussion around the dinner table, especially when the entire family got together.

So I’ve always had a passion for law, and that’s what I ended up going to college for.  In my career as a lawyer there was always misconceptions and differences in opinions about what was the law, even between two lawyers.  Most thing the law is black and white, which it is, but there are many differences when it comes to people’s interpretations of the law.

That is why I started this website.  I want to bring some clarity to topics that I’ve come across where there has been there misunderstandings, in hopes that I can help someone who needs the information.  The only service I provide here on this website is creating content that might help others, that’s all.

I’ll be posting on this blog here and there, about all sorts of topics that have to do with law, or the law of something.  If you have any topics you would like to recommend us writing about, you can contact us here.

I look forward to serving you and clearing up the law for you… enjoy the blog!

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